8 Things You Should Avoid in Ramadan

What Not to Do in Ramadan?

Ramadan is not only meant to quit foods and drinks. Quitting foods and drinks is the minimum of fast during Ramadan. What more important is quitting the bad things that can ruin your life and relationship. Fasting is not meant to disrupt your work and getting involved in something that is not allowed in Islam. Here, we are sharing some bad things that you must avoid during the fast in Ramadan. Avoid these things, eat less, and pray more.

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False Talk, Lying, Backbiting, Spreading Rumours

Spreading false rumors, telling a lie, and backbiting are strictly prohibited during the fast in Ramadan. Therefore, you should not involve in false talks and other activities that may ruin your relations with someone. These activities are not allowed during fast.

Bad and Abusive Words

Avoid quarrel and abusive language in Ramadan. Islam is the religion of peace therefore; you should not use languages that may hurt someone. Keep control of your mouth and pray more.

Sexual Intercourse

Sexual contact or sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited in the holy month of Ramadan.

Laziness and Oversleeping

Fasting in Ramadan doesn’t mean to disrupt your work and take rest. This is not right and consistent with the tradition of our prophet. Therefore, you should not change your work schedule during the fast. Do your work as per your daily routing and pray Taraweeh after Iftaar.

Getting Angry or Losing Control

Self-control is one of the main goals of Ramadan. Find a better way to deal with your stress instead of losing controls and getting angry unnecessarily. During the fast, try to be more humble and down to earth.

Watching Movies

Don’t waste your time in watching movies during the fasting. Do some prayer or read the Quran instead. Ramadan is known as the month of the Quran. You should read the Quran and understand the meaning instead of wasting your time in entertaining yourself.

Wasting Foods

One of the main purposes of Ramadan is to save foods and provide it to the people who need it. There are millions of people who cannot even prepare foods for themselves. Identify people who are not able to fulfill their daily meals in Ramadan and invite them during iftar.

Doing Harmful Activities

Doing activities that can harm you, your family or your neighbors are strictly prohibited. Ramadan gives you a chance to make your body and mind stronger. Do something good to spread happiness, not hate.

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